WAS in Progress

So does WiP also stand for “Was In Progress”? Because the WiP post I had planned is not now a WORK in Progress anymore.

FInished Coriolis 01

Here are the finished Serenity Coriolis socks! Hooray! (They’re only 2 months late…)

Ravelry link to my project… (and the yarn and patter links are to Rav as well.)

FInished Coriolis 03

I really enjoyed this knit. The yarn was fun, the pattern was fun, and the stitch markers I made up for them were fun. (I didn’t use the A B C, etc that Cat Bordhi calls for, but I used different color beads that I could differentiate instead.)

FInished Coriolis 04

And look! They’re close to matchy-matchy! This is a good pair to show that when you stop knitting on something for a while, the tension is liable to change ever so slightly. Because see that picture above? Showing how nicely the stripes on the soles match up? Well, here’s the top:

FInished Coriolis 02

Close, but no cigar. And all I can figure is that I paused the second sock for a short time while I tried to get something else knit up quickly. Then I went back to the sock, and… well. It looks like my tension was ever so slightly different.

Anyway. I’m going to start a new sock project now, with some yarn I bought at Stitches West. No sock-in-progress photos yet, but do you want a glimpse of the yarn? Yeah, I thought you might:

Mini Mochi 01


7 thoughts on “WAS in Progress

  1. Chris says:

    WEIRD about the sort of matchy matchy stripes! Hey, it must be the official time to finish late Christmas socks, huh? 🙂

    Oh, your new yarn is yummy!

    • bookwyrmknits@aim.com says:

      I think it is about that time, isn’t it? At least I got it done before too much time had passed!

      And I love my new yarn. Though it’s fuzzy enough that it’s kinda a pain at the moment. Been ages since I started a toe-up sock on DPNs (I’ve been using circs), and between that and the fuzz I may have messed up the slant on my increases. Oops.

  2. Saranissa says:

    Those are so purty Nicole, I bet your mum is really happy with them!

  3. Amanda says:

    Love those socks. The striping looks great in this pattern. Reminds me that I have a long forgotten pair in progress. Eventually I should organize the knitting equivalent of an archeological dig to search them out.

    The new yarn is gorgeous. Jewel tones are so beautiful.

  4. Sommer says:

    Ooooo…pretty yarn!

  5. Sherri says:

    I’ve never tempted socks…course I live in Vegas and socks are rarely on my feet, LOL

    That new yarn is to die for!

  6. Lorraine says:

    Nicole- I thought I was at Chris’s blog for a second. Those socks are great.

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