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Olympic Goals

So… how many of my knitter friends are doing something for the Olympics? Either the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Olympics or the Ravelympics?

I am participating in the Harlot’s Knitting Olympics. Here is my attempt: a DROPS sweater with no real name that I am currently too lazy to link to the pattern.

DROPS Sweater 01

I really like it so far. It’s knit with Knit Picks Swish DK yarn, and the color (“Storm”) is lovely. These photos mostly do it justice, though I’ll have to make sure to get a modeled shot in the sun for best color comparison.

DROPS Sweater 02 (w/ otter)

And of course we need a friend in the photos. Why not? (My dad added the otter.)

DROPS Sweater 03 (w/ otter)

So we’ll have to see if I can finish it before the Olympics end. While still getting work done on my Steampunk story. And the day job. And the theatre activities. Well, no one said my life was boring, I guess!

3 thoughts on “Olympic Goals

  1. Oh my, I didn’t realize there were even 2 different things! I thought it was all one. So, that answers, it. I’m sadly not officially participating. Just cheering on other people! Yay Nicole! Go Nicole! Wooooooo!!!!

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