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Joely Sue Burkhart Day

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I am dedicating the blog today to a writer-friend I met online, one Joely Sue Burkhart. I first ran across her either in the comments on Holly Lisle‘s blog, or maybe Lynn Viehl‘s. Possibly even over at the writer community of Forward Motion. I really don’t remember. What I do remember are the snippets.

I think it was Holly who started Friday Snippets.The theory was that writers should have a chance to show off for each other, and to have something fun to read. Not for critiques, just something fun. And if it generated buzz for current projects, all the better.

Along with several other people, Joely and I both did Friday Snippets. I’m pretty sure she was posting “Letters to an English Professor” at that time, making all of us fall in love with Conn, but I have no memory of what I was posting. I do know that it was long enough ago I would probably look back on it now and say that it sucked. (Does it? No idea. It’s all perspective anyway.) But Joely’s story? Definitely didn’t suck.

It didn’t suck so much that it got published as Dear Sir, I’m Yours.

Very exciting. (And very good read – though you must be willing to suspend disbelief a smidge when it comes to student-teacher relationships, and enjoy reading erotic, light BDSM romance.) One of the things that I loved the most was the backstory, both implied and stated.

This same backstory carries through into the rest of Joely’s work too, but (in my mind) most especially in the second story in The Connaghers series, a WiP currently titled Hurt Me So Good. This is the story of Conn’s brother Victor… and it’s even hotter than Dear Sir.

It’s not published yet. Believe me, I will be yelling about it all over the place when it is. But I was lucky enough to get to beta it for Joely, and thought I’d see about generating some of that buzz…


6 thoughts on “Joely Sue Burkhart Day

  1. Oh, Nicole, you totally have me all teary smiles here! Thank you so much! I was tied up with the Evil Day Job today or I would have stopped by sooner.

    And NO, your snippets never suck! Then or now.


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