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Oh, Yeah, I Have Time…

I have this problem.

I tend to say “I can do that” before I really stop to think about the consequences.

What does that really mean? It means I am going to be VERY busy these next two months. It’s nothing I can’t handle, but… well, you may end up with a lot more wordless (or word-sparse) blog posts until mid-March or even April.

You see, I have several things on my plate right now that all have matching timelines. And due dates. And this is starting to freak me out.

1. Day Job – things here are fine, but there will be major changes somewhere around mid-April.

2. Steampunk Novella – needs to be written (20-30K) by mid-March so I can get it out for beta reads and then start editing it in April for an April 31 deadline.

3. Into The Woods – a theatre production I’m co-producing which hits the stage in… you guessed it. April.

All of these things are highly important to me. Prioritizing them is nearly impossible. So, one of the things this means is that nearly everything else will be taking a backseat to these three things. Good thing I’d already stopped most of my Facebook games. I really don’t need to spend time cooking stuff in a fake Cafe, or running a fake mob, or throwing snowballs at my friends.

Bejeweled, though… Well. We all need our downtime, right?

3 thoughts on “Oh, Yeah, I Have Time…

  1. I’m stressed just reading your list….and it isn’t even mine! You can do it though…you are an amazingly motivated person…always were 😉 Love that about you Nikki!

    And, Bejeweled…who could possibly let that go? I mean we all need that brainless fun to unwind, right? I know I do 🙂

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