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This WiP in Pictures

Here is a quick picture post of one of my knitting works in progress:

Serenity Coriolis 06

The Serenity Coriolis socks! These, as you may remember, were my mom’s birthday gift. Only one was finished at the time. And the pair is not quite done yet.

Serenity Coriolis 07

I had been working on my sister’s Damson, you see. Which was supposed to be done in time for her birthday this past weekend.

It was not.

So, it has become a Mother’s Day present, and I can now split my time between knitting Damson, the Coriolis socks, and my Noro scarf.

Serenity Coriolis 05

It is so nice to have options again, rather than focusing on one project. Knitting monogamy is just not for me. I guess I’m too fickle.

3 thoughts on “This WiP in Pictures

  1. The last picture is the best!

    The SIP I keep showing over and over? My SIL’s xmas present. When she opened the box with the sock on the needles, her first words were, “But I can’t knit!”

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