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Goals, Again

A quick goals recap:

  1. Get a workable plot for SPN (aka the SteamPunk Novella — this will be my standard abbreviation for this story) – due date 1/15/10
  2. Done.

  3. Write the first 7K of SPN – due date 1/31/10
  4. Still have not written much. But again, I still could easily get 7K if I actually make myself DO IT.

  5. Complete 2 critiques for the OWG (my online writing group) – due date 1/31/10
  6. Not started. Though I am not yet late or even outside of my expected time range.

  7. Send T to 5 sub ops – due date 1/31/10
  8. Still not done. I haven’t even done any more researching of markets.

  9. Write the first 10K of SPN – wish list
  10. As last time, if I haven’t finished the first 7K, I obviously haven’t finished the first 10K. But again, I’ve started.

I have a bit of work left to do. But… I’ll get there.


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