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Kreativity, I Can Haz

Last week, my friend Julie nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award. Wow! I guess it’s appropriate, but I never would have thought of it. Thanks, Julie! But now I’m supposed to blog seven things you might not know about me. Hmm. This requires thought.

1. While I prefer to be backstage for theatre productions, I have actually been onstage twice — both times in the 5th grade. I played Mrs. Cratchit in “The Christmas Carol” and the other of the good witches (aka not Glinda) in “The Wizard of Oz“. (Both productions were scaled way back to fit into the school’s assembly time period. But they were still fun.)

2. I took piano lessons for 11 years. (Of course, I haven’t played regularly in about that long, now, so I’m not sure they did any lasting good… *sigh*)

3. Two-tone roses are my favorite color. I especially like “Fire and Ice” and my namesake rose, “Nicole“.

4. I almost went to college in Washington state because I liked the rain. Instead I stayed in sunny California.

5. I am addicted to new stationary. Paper, pens, cards, Post-It Notes, you name it. And my favorite kind of pen is the fancy kind, usually fountain pens or the old fashioned, dip-it-in-an-inkwell kind.

6. I built my own PC once. I don’t know that I could do it again, because I haven’t kept up on ideal standards of computer parts. But I am (as a result) not afraid to try to fix a desktop PC. (Laptops are another matter.)

7. One of the things I miss most about high school is being able to stun the gamer guys of the era because I could play “Prince of Persia” (the original, which I played on an Apple where the graphics were 10 million times nicer) better than they could. Also the “After Dark” toasters. I really miss those.

(Normally this would have been a writing post on Thursday, but the Day Job has taken so much of my energy that a random post is the best I can do today. Sorry. We’ll see what I have the energy for tomorrow.)


4 thoughts on “Kreativity, I Can Haz

  1. Why don’t I remember those particular school assembly plays? I’m sure you were splendid 🙂

    And I love stationary too…and my hubby bought me a quill pen with ink well…LOVE IT!!!!

    Always fun learning something new about an old friend 🙂

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