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Writing Contests!

First of all, tomorrow’s Weds, and that means WIPs! Now, in general, WIP Weds are reserved for knitting. That is still the case today. However, before we get there I have to touch on a writing WIP.

My YA novel, the one that’s the 2008 NaNoWriMo story, is ready to go out into the world. I’m so proud of it! Now, this is not saying that it won’t come home again and eat me out of house and home if apartment rent proves to be too high, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

And one of the places I’m starting is by submitting it to a couple of contests. The easier one for me to do it to Mary at (Here’s a link to the actual Kidlit Contest.) Why is it easier? Because she wants the first 500 words of an already completed YA manuscript. Hey! I have that!

The second contest I’m submitting to is Nathan Bradford’s Teen Diary Contest. And this is harder because… well, I don’t have anything written. Not in diary format. I think Lou is angsty enough to come up with 500 words of compelling diary entry, but it’s still 500 words I don’t yet have.

Stay tuned. In another few hours my scheduled WIP Weds post will go up, complete with knitting pictures.


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