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Looking Forward, Looking Back

So, I could take today to look back at last year’s goals and laugh. Or I could just look forward to the new goals.

Neither seems as productive as all that, really. Looking back at goals that I *know* have changed since the time I wrote them seems like a recipe for depression. However, ignoring them and making the same mistakes this year doesn’t make sense either. I think that instead I will just touch briefly on last year’s goals, focus more closely on last MONTH’s goals, and then move forward.

But instead of doing specific goals for the year, I’m going to go month-by-month this time. That seems a lot more likely to succeed.

Here is what I had wanted to accomplish in 2009, with a short progress comment:

  1. Finish knitting my Swan Lake Stole (aka Mystery Stole 3). (My Ravelry project) — Yes! And I blocked it even! Go me!
  2. Complete TT (changed code to just T), send it out to be beta read, polish it, and start the submission process. — Technically done. Haven’t started submitting yet, but it’s ready to go.
  3. Knit myself Eunny Jang’s Bayerische socks. (Ravelry link) — Not finished. Got distracted.
  4. Work on updating my scrapbooks. — Not finished. Distracted again.
  5. Finish writing CP. — No. — Get some revision done on it as well. — And no.
  6. Revise my list of writing goals with a new timeline. — Kinda, but on a much smaller scale than I had meant a year ago.
  7. Sew! Clothes! For me! — I made a new Halloween costume. And I knit a sweater for me. I’m considering this one a success.
  8. Crochet something. Anything. — Does a chain for a provisional cast-on count? I did say “anything.” Sure. Why not.
  9. Catch up on the video projects I have been putting off for the theatre company. — Hard to say if I’ve done any catching up as there are so many things that are lagging. At least I am not falling any further behind, so again: I’ll count this one a success.
  10. Keep my files organized. (aka my files of bills and receipts and such.) — Hmm. Not so good a job on this one.
  11. Get the Serendipity Stole (aka Mystery Stole 4) at least half-way done. (My Ravelry project) — Um, nope. Need I say it? Distracted.
  12. Read at least 50 books. — Heh. I blew past this one. 74 books, baby!
  13. Update my blog regularly! — That depends. Are we talking the whole year, or just by the end of the year? I did a semi-decent job, and got back on my feet by the end of the year, so it goes in the “win” column.

Huh. Interesting. I didn’t do as badly as I had expected to. Now let’s see how December’s goals panned out:

  • get T into Scrivener (due 12/19/09) — Success!
  • plot ITF, the 2009 NaNo — No luck. But I decided to ditch the goal and plot as I went.
  • finish ITF (rock star!) — Hah. Not close. At least it was a “wish list” rather than a “must list” item.
  • polish submissions package for T (due 12/26/09) — Basically done, yeah. Is it “done”? No. Will it ever be? No. It’s as done as it’s getting for now, though, and it’s time to send it out into the world.
  • start submitting T (due 12/31/09) — Not exactly, though I do have a Writer’s Market to use in looking for places to sub.
  • plot & worldbuild a Steampunk story for an anthology (antho call is in April, I think, so story needs to be done by then) (rock star!) — In progress. Since this is a “wish list” item, getting as much work as I *have* done on it counts.

Not bad there, either. So: now we move on to January’s goals, in order of importance:

  1. Get a workable plot for SPN (aka the SteamPunk Novella — this will be my standard abbreviation for this story) — due date 1/15/10
  2. Write the first 7K of SPN — due date 1/31/10
  3. Complete 2 critiques for the OWG (my online writing group) — due date 1/31/10
  4. Send T to 5 sub ops — due date 1/31/10
  5. Write the first 10K of SPN — wish list

That should be plenty to get started with. I don’t know how quickly I’ll be able to get into the Victorian Steampunk style, so I’m not going to push myself as hard on the writing at first. I may need to allot some more research time than I’m used to. However, by February I should be well into the world, and so can push out more words. Hopefully this schedule will allow me to get out my 20-30K and still leave a bit of time for revisions.

And… that is my start to 2010. How are you all handling the resolutions/goals for the year? And how did last year’s resolutions fare?


3 thoughts on “Looking Forward, Looking Back

  1. I am definitely going to do more crocheting and knitting this year. With the plan to do one project a month. January is a crochet blanket. One square a day (12 inch by 12 inch squares). 4 squares done so far, so am on target.

    Writing wise I’m trying to do 1000 words a day every day. Am behind on that at the moment.

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