Thursday 13 #82 ~ Tekgrrl

13 Reasons to Read TEKGRRL by AJ Menden

1. It’s a great book. Probably ok as a standalone, but very good as a sequel to Phenomenal Girl 5.

2. I know the author. (And she’s very nice.)

3. Superhero contemporary fantasy with a touch of romance. Who could ask for more? (No one that like the kind of books I do….)

4. Realistic characters… if you can accept the superpowers and the aliens and all that jazz…

5. It’s got a pretty cover.

6. Books are a great value for your money. And in this economy, value is a wonderful thing.

7. The more people who read this one, the more likely it is that the series will get to be completed.

8. The author really is very nice. She’s a good writer, too.

9. I really liked the book. And seriously, if you’re reading my blog, you probably have very similar taste in books to mine. (Unless the romance thing sets you off, I suppose.)

10. There’s a battle between good and evil. (Or two.) And unlike in our world, you can tell who is good and who is evil very easily.

11. Magic helps out, but isn’t the answer to everything.

12. Happily Ever After. I do so like those.

13. It’s a very humorous book. And did I mention I know the author?

3 thoughts on “Thursday 13 #82 ~ Tekgrrl

  1. Chris says:

    Hey, do you know the author? 😉 There’s definitely a superhero sub-genre out there.

  2. Saranissa says:

    Are these books available in the UK?

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