Testing . . . testing . . . is this thing on?

Well, I had written a long and detailed post about how I was going to test Ping.fm so that I could use both my WordPress and my Blogger blogs again, but then I clicked something I thought would open a pop-up window and instead it directed me elsewhere while deleting my text. So this version will be shorter.

I’ve been ignoring my Blogger blog for ages, and yet haven’t deleted it because I like to have a Blogger account to use when posting comments to other people’s blogs. So I thought maybe I could try to use both blogs again, even though I didn’t want to manually cross-post.

We’ll see if this works. I can already see that I won’t be able to upload photos in the fashion I want to, nor will I be able to schedule posts. But it might work for some things. Maybe I’ll just do occasional (weekly?) posts from Ping.fm so as to keep the Blogger site from gathering too much dust.