Thursday 13 #76 ~ Trombones

13 things I love about ‘The Music Man’


  1. The barbershop quartet. They’re just awesome.
  2. I’ve always loved “Goodnight My Someone.” I felt it was kinda my song, you know?
  3. Zaneeta. She’s just too amusing. Ye gads!
  4. There’s a player piano. You don’t see many of those around anymore.
  5. And a marching band. While you see lots of those, I am a marching band junkie. Marching bands are always something that goes on my “I love it” list. (Unless they’re awful bands. Which, come to think of it, the ‘Music Man’ marching band is supposed to be. But they’re good at being awful.)
  6. The opening number the salesmen sing on the train. Also awesome.
  7. “‘Til There Was You.” Another one I’ve always loved.
  8. I want a white knight, too.
  9. And I love the library scene. I used to want to be a librarian, but that was before I worked in a library. Now that I’ve been there, I much prefer being a library clerk.
  10. The cross-hand piece is sooo funny.
  11. Plus, the whole piano lesson strikes a chord (ha!) with anyone who took piano lessons. I took lessons for 11 years. That scene resonates very strongly.
  12. It’s a musical. Which means people break into song and dance on a regular basis. Sometimes I think life should be conducted in this fashion.
  13. And leaving my favorite song for last…. it has “Lida Rose” in it. That duet is lovely, and so much fun. I am secretly glad that my sister (who played Marion) was not at the impromptu rehearsal of the barbershop quartet during one of the set construction days, so that I could end up singing it with the guys instead. So. Much. Fun.


Happy Thursday!