WIP Weds – a gripe edition

I have a complaint to make. My entrelac socks look nothing like I thought they would.

Entrelac Socks 05

See? Where in the skein of yarn are those colors? Especially the greens.

Stash 47

Most of them are not exactly visible. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love this sock. I love the way the second one will be nearly a perfect match for the first. And I love the technique of entrelac.

Entrelac Socks 07


The yarn I’m knitting with is not the yarn I bought. See this picture?

Entrelac Socks 06

This one shows the colors of yarn I thought this was. That bright blue there? And the purple next to it? Those are the colors I could see on the outside, and so that is what I wanted when I bought this yarn. I am not pleased with the amount of color inside that you can’t see on the outside.

I am also not pleased with the amount of twist in the yarn. I have to drop the knitting every so often to get the twist out. And I know it’s not doing this because of the way I knit, because I had to untwist the yarn from the very beginning of the first sock. Ah well. Peekaboo likes it anyway.

Entrelac Socks 08 - with cat

But I don’t think I will be buying Noro yarn again, even with the colors as lovely as they are.