Thursday 13 #75 ~ February Goals

Just really quickly… here’s a list of things I want to get done this month.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Get TT sent out to crit partners.
  2. Finish my entrelac socks.
  3. Get my OWG crits done before the last possible minute.
  4. Finish the vest I had originally wanted to finish last month.
  5. Get the “Naked Project” ready to send to the participants.
  6. Make PJs with the fun flannel fabric Mom gave me for Christmas.
  7. Play with the cats more.
  8. Play with the horses more.
  9. Try a new recipe. (I’d done this last month without really thinking about it, but it’s fun.)
  10. Get my taxes done.
  11. Read a book from my existing TBR pile.
  12. Clean off the top of my dresser.
  13. Fix (at least some of) the things in my mending pile.


I know, that’s a really random list of “to do” items. But it was all I could think of for a TT.