Learning Entrelac

So, yesterday’s post was about fair isle knitting. (Aka the two-color knitting that looks so cool.)

Today’s is about my current WIP, a pair of entrelac socks.

Entrelac Sock 1

Of course, you can’t see the entrelac part yet, since I haven’t gotten there and it’s written with a plain stockinette foot. But you can see the colors, and those of you familiar with entrelac can see how this yarn will look cool worked up in it. (Those who aren’t familiar with it, check out the Wiki link above.)

It’s Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. So many people talk about Noro yarns that I wanted to see what the allure was. I figured this was the perfect project for it.

Entrelac Sock 2

You can see the sock pattern a little better on the webpage in this picture. It’s a picture of the Ravelry page for the pattern. (I changed mine from top-down to toe-up. Wasn’t quite ready to start with the entrelac – decided to get the foot done first to get a feel for the yarn. And I think I’m glad I did, since this is a single-ply yarn and is very twisty.)

So far, I’m enjoying the knit. Even if I do have to let the WIP dangle from the needles to untwist the yarn every so often. I’ll post better pictures once I: 1. get to the fun part, and 2. have better
lighting. (These pictures were taken at night, so that they would be as close to an accurate representation of the current stats of the WIP as possible.)

The cat doesn’t care. She’s been enjoying the sunshine.

Sleeping Suz