No More Excuses

If you’ve been hanging around this blog much, you’ll know that I don’t do fair isle knitting. And if you’ve been paying attention to comments I make on other people’s blogs, you’ll note that this is because I’m scared of it.

I know, I shouldn’t be. It’s just yarn, after all. But I am.

I told one friend that I was hesitant to buy yarn for something when I might be horrible at it. Her response?

Gift Yarn - Whole Package

She sent me yarn.

So now I have no more excuses. I’ll have to learn fair isle.

Gift Yarn - Closeup

Well, have to . . . get to . . . take your pick. I really want to learn, but it is a scary thought. What if I do it wrong? What if I don’t enjoy it because I don’t know how to knit Continental, and so my tension’s all messed up?

I know. Details. Just figure it out, and I’ll probably love it.

Gift Yarn - Sock Kit

Especially since part of the gift was a sock kit. Look! Aren’t the colors fun? I am so looking forward to knitting these.

Not yet, though. At the moment I’ve already cast on (and am nearly to the heel increases) for a pair of socks that will teach me something else I’ve wanted to do, and yet have been scared of: entrelac.

Pictures of that project should come tomorrow, on WIP Wednesday.

Thanks, DeeAnn!