Thursday 13

Thursday 13 #74 ~ 25 Random Things

This was a Facebook MEME, where one was supposed to write 25 random things and then tag 25 people to do the same thing. Only, I decided to take do the MEME on Facebook, and then take the first 13 things and make them my TT for the week.

Happy Thursday!


1.  I can be a lemming. So sometimes I will do these MEMEs.

2.  I can also be stubbornly independent. So sometimes I ignore them.

3.  To highlight #2, for instance, I have never seen “Titanic.”

4.  On the other hand, I have been a passenger onboard a large ship (a Chevron tanker). Fortunately it didn’t sink.

5.  I even got to steer the ship and operate the fire hose during one of their drills.

6.  Earthquakes don’t scare me the way people think they should. I much prefer the odds of earthquakes in California to the odds of hurricanes in Florida.

7.  I am an English major, yet my spelling is atrocious. (It has been getting better, though, the more fiction I write. I guess I can be taught.)

8.  Instead of learning to spell in high school, I preferred to make up my own words.

9.  Like . . . Hmm. Strangely enough I can’t think of one right now.

10. Speaking of #9, my memory is very compartmentalized and selective.

11. There are things that I could swear I had no recollection of, and yet show me a picture and I might be able to tell you all about it. Or I might still not remember a thing.

12. One of my earliest memories is from second grade, when we had an earthquake during school.

13. I suspect all my memory is used up in remembering knitting patterns or theater scripts. (Though these are subject to deletion once the show is over or the knitted item is done.)


5 thoughts on “Thursday 13 #74 ~ 25 Random Things

  1. I’ve never seen Titanic either. Just cuz. Everyone is so surprised when I say I haven’t seen it. I also have never seen one of those Indiana Jones movies.
    And don’t worry, spelling is highly overrated…

  2. Never seen Titanic? Good for you. 4 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

    I can be just as stubbornly independant. I avoid trends, and movies/books that are “the next big thing”…

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