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NaNo Update: Day 17

funny pictures of cats with captions

Thought that was an appropriate LOLcat for those of us writing our fingers off this year for NaNoWriMo

I feel really good about today. I’m not sure that all the words are quite as good as I would like them to be, but nonetheless, I feel REALLY good about today. I finished one scene/chapter and wrote an additional two complete ones (I’m thinking one scene per chapter for this novel, so they’re the same thing), so I actually feel like I accomplished something. Here’s the stats and snippet:

NaNo Day 17

Daily WC: 4,082
Total WC: 25,006


“Uh, guys —”

They turned to look at me.

“We won this time but next… I mean, the cards might not always predict a win. And they might sometimes get the numbers wrong, or something…”

“We know.” They kept grinning, though my smile had faded. “But wearing the same pair of lucky socks to each game isn’t a guarantee either.”

Oh, yeah, and part of the feel-good thing? I finally passed the half-way mark! Woo!


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