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So, I’ve mentioned this book before, but now it’s on shelves and I’ve read the whole thing*.

And it’s wonderful.

It is about a world with superheroes, and yet it feels very real rather than comic-booky. (Not that comic books are bad. But these characters feel like they could be your neighbors rather than the over-the-top personalities that often show up in comics.)

There is magic, there is romance, there is mystery and there are cool cars. What more could you want?

I had intended to read this book slowly, because I wanted to not get distracted from NaNoWriMo in too large a chunk of time all at once. Well, that didn’t happen. Rather, I managed to get my words for the day in before reading this, but then I stayed up until 3:30am to finish. So… yeah. Definitely a page-turner.

And I spent the whole time cheering for the heroes. It might have helped that I knew who would be starring in future books, so I didn’t worry too much about certain characters’ possibility of getting killed ( 🙂 ) but still. There are plenty of tense/mystery/potential betrayal scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat as you read. Very, very nice book. I would call it a “great debut novel,” except it would be a great novel even without it being A.J. Menden’s debut.


*An amusing note – as a favor to the author, I read the last chapter (well, it was the last chapter until she added a short one to tie up loose ends) probably around a year ago. I had not read snippets or anything else from the book. Just the last chapter. And while I forgot a few details here and there, I distinctly remembered what happened. So I went through the whole book knowing what the ending was and yet not knowing how they got there. It was amusing, and yet there were times when I forgot I knew what was coming because I got so caught up in the story. There were other times when I would read something and think, “Oh! Now that bit (in the ending that I remembered) makes so much more sense!” Very amusing.


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