I was going to do a post tonight on non-knitting WIPs. However, I started “A Rush of Wings” by Adrian Phoenix today at lunch. Then (with a 4-ish hour break in there for work and commute) I kept reading once I got home and read and read and everything else faded away and next thing I know it’s 11:15 and I’ve finished the book. The 399-page, raw, intense book. (And by “raw” I don’t mean “unpolished.” I mean it beats at your emotions and plays with your feelings and your perceptions and you’re not sure that where you came out on the other end is where you thought you’d be when you headed in.)

Is it good? Yes. Definitely.

Will I re-read it? Maybe. I’m not sure my head can handle it again so soon, and yet it was good enough to stand up to a second read. I will be looking into a sequel. There’d better be a sequel. I want more of these characters. And yet I think it would be better for me if the sequel isn’t released for another several months. I’m in a whirl.

Remember my reaction when I finished Holly Lisle’s “Talyn”? This is a similar feeling. My one warning is that there are similarities between “A Rush of Wings” and Viehl’s “If Angels Burn,” so if you had trouble with the one, you might not enjoy the other. However, I truly enjoyed this book. The main characters felt real. They have flaws, they have fears, they have pasts. They love. They hurt. They get hurt, which is not always a given with vampire books. And the bad guys, instead of being random “evil dudes” with a hidden agenda, or greedy psychopaths with a desire to possess the heroine (or hero, take your pick) have more to them, a depth not always seen in bad guys.

I do recommend this book. But do be sure you are ready for it when you read it, because the scene it opens with – throws you into – on page one, no less, is a murder scene.


3 thoughts on “Sidetracked

  1. Oh.. sounds exciting! We love thrillers 🙂 Will get Mum to get the book so she can read it to us.

  2. Chris says:

    I guess the best way to figure out if I’m up to it is to give it a try – just added it to my library queue. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. LesleyW says:

    i’ve just finished this as well. 🙂

    Good comparison to If Angels Burn, I think you’re right, if people didn’t like that one, they’re probably not going to like A Rush of Wings either.

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