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WIsP Wednesday

What’s this? Another WIP? And with pictures, you say? Bring it on!

Wisp 1

I cast on Wisp last weekend, and have been knitting pretty exclusively on it. (Mostly because it is a present and because I have memorized the pattern. It’s a pretty easy one.)

Wisp 3

I’m really pleased with the way it’s turning out. The yarn is nice (as long as you don’t have to rip back) and the pattern is easy but still interesting. This is a very highly recommended knit, whether you are familiar with lace or not. (These pictures are unblocked. It will look a bit different after blocking.)

Wisp 2

Specs: (my wisp in Ravelry)
Pattern: Wisp from Knitty (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Crystal Palace Kid Merino in a lovely ice blue


9 thoughts on “WIsP Wednesday

  1. Fairy Lights dancing in and amongst the trees of an ancient grove.

    -I don’t know what it is about your knitting that makes me see fantastical things. Maybe I’m just cracked in the head ^.^

  2. Anna and Sabaska paused in their seemingly unending trek through the ancient forest, dancing lights in the trees catching their attention.

    ‘Fireflies?’ Anna thought to herself as she urged Sabaska forward.

    Anna was transfixed by the beauty of the dancing lights as her partner carried her closer. Fireflies were common where she grew up, but she’d never seen this many at one time.

    Anna only noticed that Sabaska had stopped because the glowing specks spiraled closer, alighting on her partner’s mane and dancing around her perked ears.

    Sabaska snorted and tossed her head, sending the specks back into the air like a snow globe vigorously shaken.

    Anna swore she heard laughter as she dismounted, the clearing and ancient trees alight with with blues, greens, yellows and purples of what had to be fairy lights. Anna spun in delight when the tiny globes descended again, lighting her and her horse like christmas trees.


    That’s in response to your response. *Sticks out tongue*

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