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We Be Random Today, Arr!

It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day! Yar! That sounds like an excuse to be silly, to me.

So… Randomness.


I have a window now. The way my desk is set up, the joke is that I have the biggest office in the company. (It’s almost a staircase landing, but nicer.)

I’m getting my haircut tomorrow. If I can get a picture I like of it, I’ll do before and after shots.

I like Halloween a lot more now than I did as a kid. It was intimidating then. Now, it’s just a fun excuse to dress up. And decorate. And all that jazz. I still don’t care much for Haunted Houses, though.


Have a good weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “We Be Random Today, Arr!

  1. I swear the cat in that last picture is related to my Jakob. Jakob has this thing with trying to figure out how the printer works, which usually consists of sitting right in the way of the tray whenever we have to print anything.

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