It's My Life · Thursday 13

Thursday 13 # 49 ~ Fantasmic!

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Pictures From Disneyland!

Sorry this is so picture-heavy, but here (finally) are my pictures from the Disneyland trip this month. (Well, not all of them. Not nearly all of them. But some.)

1. D'land July 2008 298

S & me in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

2. D'land July 2008 450

I do not know why that picture is showing up sideways. It is right-side-up on the main photo page. Strange. (This is in California Adventure, by the way.)

3. D'land July 2008 466

The new Toy Story Midway Mania game… it’s lots of fun! It’s like combining a ride and a bunch of (free) midway games and a video game. Very cool!

4. D'land July 2008 448

My niece got to meet a lot of characters, including Elastigirl. So fun!

5. D'land July 2008 486

It was Disneyland’s birthday while we were there! Hooray!

6. D'land July 2008 299

Me and S on the (stationary, for pictures) car from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. This is an amusing ride, always worth going on. I wasn’t too thrilled with it as a kid, though. I think I was (embarrassed to admit that I was) afraid of it.

7. D'land July 2008 479

The Hollywood Pictures Backlot in California Adventure. This is where lots of the characters hang out in DCA, plus it’s where the Tower of Terror, the Muppet 3D show, and the theatre (playing a stage version of ‘Aladdin’) are.

8. D'land July 2008 411

From the ending of Fantasmic!…

9. D'land July 2008 352

Also from Fantasmic! I would love to be one of the princesses who dances in this show.

10. D'land July 2008 326

The castle. I love this castle.

11. D'land July 2008 314

The Cinderella set in the Storybook Boat ride. (You go on a boat, and see miniatures of all the various movies.)

12. D'land July 2008 309

The Aladdin set from the Storybook Boats. There’s a “cave of wonders” too, but those pictures never turn out as good.

13. D'land July 2008 432

Me hamming it up in front of the sign for DCA. (My name starts with ‘N’, so it’s a semi-tradition for me to take a picture with the ‘N’ part of the sign. I get the feeling (from the picture) that S doesn’t quite know what to make of me being this silly… Maybe it’s because it was late at night.


Happy Thursday!


8 thoughts on “Thursday 13 # 49 ~ Fantasmic!

  1. Cool pictures, looks like you had a great time. I’ve been to Disney World many times, but never to Disneyland. Someday though. 🙂

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