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Meet & Greet

First of all, Happy Birthday to NASA! No matter what you think of the organization (which I, personally, love and hope flourishes) I think we can all agree that they’ve done some amazing things.


Now… on to the main event for today.

I don’t have a specific book to talk about. Instead, I have an author! Yay!

So, this past weekend was Comic Con in San Diego. And while I didn’t go to the convention itself (a little thing called procrastination meant the tickets were all sold out for the day I wanted by the time I actually got around to making the purchase) I went down for the event anyway. See, I’m a member on Kelley Armstrong‘s forums, and she had said she was going to be at the convention (on panels and such). Plus, while she was there, she was willing to / interested in meeting up with a group of us from the board. Hooray!

Anyway, long story short, a group of us all met up and chatted for a while over dinner. (During which Kelley signed books for us. Yay!) It was good fun, and it was really nice to get to meet her. I do have a couple of pictures, first the one of the whole group (minus a couple who were actually doing the picture taking) and then one of me, Kelley, and S (right to left).

San Diego Meet

One of the things I like best about Kelley – besides her wonderful stories – is the way she supports fledgling authors. On her forums, she hosts an online writing group. (Hi Jess! Here’s me pimping out the OWG again!) We can all get advice and opinions and critiques from our fellow writers that way, and know that there’s a huge chance that the group will like the genre we’re writing, since most of us are working on novels with some kind of fantasy premise. (Comes with being fans of an urban fantasy writer.)

Matt, Kelley, Me

So, S and I were the only ones from the Meet who were part of the OWG, and we stayed after dinner to chat a little more about the writing itself. We talked about how happy we were about the success stories coming out of the OWG (including AJ Menden, whose book will be published later this year) and discussed the difficulties that come with getting published.

Anyway, it was great meeting Kelley, and I highly recommend her books if you haven’t read them already. (Her Women of the Otherworld series has a bit of the sex stuff in it, for the most part. If you’re not interested in that, consider trying Exit Strategy, first in a new series more along the lines of a thriller (no paranormal aspect) or The Summoning, first in a YA trilogy set in the same urban fantasy world as the Otherworld books.)


One thought on “Meet & Greet

  1. That is SO cool!! 🙂 I’m ok with “a bit of the sex stuff” – although I have to say that the latest Darkyn novel had me contemplating levels of crudeness…

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