Thursday 13

Thursday 13 #45 ~ Ill

I was going to do a normal, happy TT this week, and then I saw this post of Wendy’s. (Scroll to the bottom for the kitty part.) And I couldn’t ignore it.

So… take some time to think about the dumb things that people do. And if you feel like it, sign the petition (link in #1) or donate to the good causes that balance the bad.

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things That Make Me Sick

1. The wanton destruction of animal habitat, even if the animals in question are feral cats. (Petition here. I signed it.)

2. Eggplant. (Seriously. Every time I have eaten it, I’ve thrown up.)

3. Calves being kept in boxes to make veal.

4. Cooking lobster by boiling them alive.

5. The thought that anyone – woman, child, man… doesn’t matter – “asked” to be raped by their actions or inaction.

6. Trying to read/knit/etc in the car. This drives me nuts, as there’s not much else to do on long car trips, and so I waste the time by doing nothing.

7. The fur trade.

8. The slave trade.

9. Ignorance and illiteracy.

10. The belief that only men/the wealthy/one particular race/etc are worthy of being educated, able to own property, able to make their own decisions, etc.

11. The thought of eating bugs.

12. The Anita Blake, vampire hunter, series, past a certain point. (Heh. This was left on here from last week’s TT, but it was too appropriate to this list as well. I just had to leave it on, though I did like the early books a lot. Maybe the later books are able to get to me more because I did like the early ones? Hmmm.)

13. The blatant disregard of the world around us, and the attitude that we are the superior being on the planet and therefore can trash it if we want to.


Happy Thursday!


7 thoughts on “Thursday 13 #45 ~ Ill

  1. I hear you! I could not agree more.

    Add those with a disregard for the environment ties in with your #13.

    Also – superficiality in people and advertising. Actually. Come to think of it – most advertising makes me sick, especially if it plays to a stereotype.

  2. I agree with all of it, and with Brigitte.

    What makes me sick is ignorance and the sense of entitlement my generation feels. Especially those two things together which is all too common.

  3. Well, the eggplant thing is just weird, and the Anita Blake comment is mostly a joke. =)

    I have tried talking books, and they work pretty well when I find a narrator I like. That can be a little tricky at times, though.

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