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WIP: Work In Pictures

Just a quick post today, with pictures of my current WIPs, the Lotus Blossom Tank and the Hot Cocoa Socks.

Lotus Blossom is nearing the home stretch. I have finished the knitting in the round, and and the front. I’m now knitting the back, and then will move on to the sleeves, and be done! (Well, done after any finishing work.)

The Hot Cocoa Socks are around 3/4 done (for the pair). The second sock is almost to the end of the first half of the heel, and I’m looking forward to being done with them. I like the yarn, and I like the knit, and I love the needles, but these have been in my WIP basket for far too long.

And now, with no further ado, the pictures!

Hot Cocoa #2 - heel

Hot Cocoa #2 - heel closeup

Lotus Blossom Suzy
(Wait. That’s not a tank. That’s a cat.)

Save the Blossom!
(Eep! No worries. The tank is unharmed.)


6 thoughts on “WIP: Work In Pictures

  1. I think that Suzy is complaining that you never knit anything for HER! After all, aren’t kittens supposed to have a pair of mittens?

  2. As a matter of business-keeping, have you mailed the birthday bash stuff yet? Because the postal system on my end can be … finicky, so I’d like to know when to expect it, just in case. 🙂

    Nice socks, nicer kitty.

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