Thursday 13 #40 ~ Cake and Eat It

Before we begin the TT, I have to announce the winners of my Birthday Blog Bash contest! There were three categories, so three winners. Can I get a drumroll, please…

Yay! Congratulations, winners, and please either leave prize choices in the comments on send them to me by e-mail. (I will be sending e-mails off as soon as I’m done posting this.) Everyone, please stop by and congratulate them!

Now for the TT. There were lots of great choices – how could I pick? Well, pick I did. I’m going to make a list of my favorite birthday cakes. Some were mine, some were not, and some I have only seen pictures of. They’re still awesome. However, keep an eye out for some of the other great ideas to pop up later… one in particular (13 books I’m glad I didn’t write) has been on my mind since I read the suggestion (and I would be doing that one today except it doesn’t go with the birthday theme).


Thursday Thirteen: 13 Favorite Birthday Cakes

1. the traditional doll cake (doll upper half, cake lower half, dress made out of frosting)

2. a fish tank cake we made for my niece (no pictures on this computer, sorry)

3. a 3-D lamb cake (not officially a birthday cake mold, but we used it as one)

4. this book cake:

5. a castle-shaped bundt cake – awesome shape, but hard to cut and harder to clean the pan!

6. or a forest shaped bundt cake – ditto the castle, though ever so slightly easier to clean

7. I think I had a panda-bear cake when I was little. I probably thought it was cool at the time. Now, I’m not so sure I’d want to cut something shaped like a cute animal. (This goes for the lamb cake above, but that one wasn’t my cake, so I didn’t have to cut it.)

8. this neat pond cake, with a hedgehog and a snail along the outside:

9. Star Wars cakes. There are many variations, and they’re all fun.

10. a D&D diorama cake. This was made for one of our gaming friends, and our little miniatures were arranged in combat with a dragon or something on top. It was pretty cool, though I only saw pictures.

11. a cake made out of cardboard that said gaming friend (above) hid in and jumped out of for kicks to surprise my BIL-once-removed (as in my BIL’s brother). It was tres amusing. Not very tasty, though.

12. this cake (it has a Tiffany’s bag. Who could resist it?):

13. and the last mention for favorite cakes may seem boring, but it’s really my favorite: yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Period. It may not look like much but it’s oh so yummy.


Happy Thursday!


8 thoughts on “Thursday 13 #40 ~ Cake and Eat It

  1. happy birthday! Some cute cakes, oh my did we all have one of those doll cakes? lol, so far my daughter hasn’t…..hmmmm, she would so kill me if i did one next week for her 16th birthday! (thinking evil thoughts and grinning)

    Congrats to the winners!

  2. Congrats to the winners! Mmm… cake… My brother and I almost always asked for angel food cake with divinity frosting when we were little. We would ask for them in weird colors. I think the worst was when I asked for “real purple, not pale lavendery purple.” Not very appetizing, and the amount of food color required sort of cramped the poor angel food…

  3. Happy birthday!!! And congrats to the winners.

    That book cake is awesome!

    All of my birthday cakes have been rather boring in comparison with these, but they were still yummy. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Well done to the winners 🙂

    I had a castle cake when I was little. It had sugar cubes for the battlements. So cool.

  5. Oh, I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday Nicole! I hope you had a wonderful day with lots of goodies.

    Mmmm…cake…My sister always puts Smarties on my birthday cake, every year. I’ll be 40 this year, and she’ll still put them! Goes back to when we were kids.

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