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Socks, Socks, Socks

Three socks in the subject line, three mentions of socks here. But first, a reminder: today is the last day (and not even a full day left) to enter your name in the 2nd Annual Birthday Blog Bash!

Sock Mention #1

This is the current socky-WIP. It is the Hot Cocoa socks (pictures to come when I remember to take them). The pattern is the Yarn Harlot’s Earl Grey, and I started them a long time ago. They are a present for my dad, and were due three months ago. And they’re still not finished. I have hopes that they will be done under a month from now, prior to Sock Mention #3.

Sock Mention #2

This pair of socks was started nearly a whole year ago. It got put on hold to knit the above mentioned HC socks, with the hope that I would be done quickly. I wasn’t.

Cabletini 04

The socks in question are the Mangotini socks, and I have no new pictures of them. Have an old picture, instead.

Cabletini 11

Sock Mention #3

Is the Summer of Socks 2008. Which is fast approaching. Last summer, I knit three socks. Not three pairs. Three socks. Two were Monkey socks, which were finished and get worn. They are fun. The third sock was one of the Mangotini socks, and it’s still not been worn as the second sock is about half done.

Will I be starting a new sock for SOS’08? Or will I be finishing up last year’s sock? No idea. But one way or the other, I will be knitting socks.


3 thoughts on “Socks, Socks, Socks

  1. I would be totally doomed if I joined Summer of Socks – I’d probably never knit another sock! 🙂 That’s such a fun, sunny sock you have going.

  2. Love the socks! I cannot knit socks under pressure, lol. Always seem to have 2-3 pair going at a time plus 2-3 other projects as well!

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