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New Project and Lots of Pics

ETA: I meant to make the links clickable. Now they are.


Okay… there are two new projects that will debut today. The first is socks, and you won’t have to wait very long for them. The second is a thought for the blog I had yesterday, and it’s still stewing a little so will have to wait until after lunch.

But… socks!

Cabletini 04

These are Wendy’s Cabletini socks (2nd link is a pdf), and I’m knitting them in the lovely Spunky Eclectic yarn that I was gifted by Barbara of Romancing the Yarn. Due to the color, I’m dubbing them my Mangotini socks. Now I just need to find a martini glass, and I’ll have the perfect photo op for them.

Also, I’ve been told that it’s been too long since I had hedgie in a photo. So, here he is! He’s been bored and lonely, and is very glad to be back in a photo.

Cabletini 03


Cabletini 02


Cabletini 01

But Mom, these don’t taste at all like mango…


2 thoughts on “New Project and Lots of Pics

  1. Yay.. Hedgie’s back !
    See, Mum thinks we’re weird to “fantasy” about yarn when we take the first bite… thing is, some yarns do look like they taste good.
    Wish Mum could knit socks… guess we’ll have to be content with looking at your knitted socks photos then !

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