FO Friday: Frilly Scarf

Once I discovered the joy of yarn that WASN’T RED HEART, I swore I would never go back. There was nothing that was going to get me to pick up that acrylic monster.

I guess I was wrong.

Frilly Scarf - finished - 2

Red Heart put out a yarn called Red Heart Boutique Sashay, and it was weird enough that I had to try it. I also decided that my niece would enjoy a scarf made from the stuff, so it was a relatively easy and cheap way to make her a present. I thought, “Perfect. How hard can it be to knit this scarf? It goes so quickly it practically knits itself.” And to be fair, it did go pretty quickly. But it was really strange to work with, and it also was semi-easy to mess up it you weren’t paying attention. (Luckily, it’s also a strange enough fabric that most mistakes aren’t noticeable.)

Between one thing and another, it was a pretty quick knit when I actually spent time on it. Also, the longest amount of time I between casting on and marking it completed in Ravelry was spent procrastinating sewing in the ends. Because you do have to ACTUALLY SEW THEM. WITH THREAD. It doesn’t quite seem possible to sink the ends in the normal fashion. Very annoying.

Frilly Scarf - finished - 1

The end result was worth it, though. I think my niece (who will then be 7) will love it. I’m planning to edge a pair of mitts for her in this stuff, so she can have a matched set. I think she’ll love that even more.

And I even found the perfect thing to package it in: a Brave lunch bag from Subway. (My niece is like many young girls – indeed, including what I would have been like at her age – and loves Merida. And green is her favorite color. Since the yarn didn’t come in green, this is the next best thing, right?)


THE SPECS: (and a link to my Ravelry project page)

PATTERN: Frilly Knit Scarf
DESIGNER: Coats & Clark, for Red Heart
YARN: Red Heart Boutique Sashay
NEEDLES: US 10 1/2
START/END DATES: June 4, 2012 – August 5, 2012
MODS: None

WIP Weds ~ 6-6-12

Today we have something completely new for the WIP Weds! But first, older projects. Because JUST IN CASE family members are reading this, I would request that you don’t let my niece see the rest of this post. It has her birthday present in it.

Right. So first up in pictures today is Kitri!

Kitri 6-6-12

(HORRIBLE color quality in this photo. It’s here for progress only.)

This tsock has been in the WIP bag for a while, mostly because I put it down to work on Christmas presents, and then got distracted by frothy alpaca lace. But since Diantha’s done now, Kitri has been picked back up. I do enjoy knitting this, and I’m on the last repeat of the patten before I get to turn the heel.

Next up is a Break-It-Up sock!

Break it Up 6-6-12

This is a standard sock foot, but the cuff was designed by my friend Meg. It’s a great way to break up pooling (hence the name) or striping in a sock. My sock (made with KnitPicks Stroll Multi) is a perfect example of this. The place where the stripe reverses is where I turned the heel.

And now for the aforementioned present.

Sashay 1

A co-worker of mine told me about Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn, and while I normally Will. Not. Buy. Red Heart, even if it was the last yarn in the world, this one intrigued me. The yarn makes a “Frilly Knit Scarf” (Ravelry link) with absolutely no effort on the knitter’s part. (Once you get the hang of knitting with only the top edge of what is already a mesh net.)

Sashay 2

It’s bizarre. And it’s worth trying once. Like, you know, fun fur. Or those ladder yarns. But will this become a staple in my knitting stash? No. I will finish this scarf, and I might knit a second if I find a reason to, but that’s about it.

One thing about it, this is a fast knit. The picture above? Probably about 15 minutes of knitting, if that.

Speaking of Starting Over…

Remember when I told you about frogging the alpaca mystery shawl and starting over? Well, there’s another project I’m starting over, too.

I decided after working a little bit on the scarf for my niece that I didn’t like it. The pattern was fine, don’t get me wrong. But it was a Serious Scarf, and not something fun that a six-year-old would truly appreciate. Plus, it was enough work (and not enough fun) to knit that by the time I finished it, she would be graduating high school.

Frog pond time!

And I’m going to start over with a fun ruffled scarf instead. Still in her favorite color, green. But this time, something that I should be able to finish quickly enough that she can wear it this year, not just this decade.

WIP Weds

It seems like I’m just starting one new project after another this year. The newest project is one that I won’t be sharing fully with you until it’s finished. Not because it’s a gift or stealth knitting, but because it’s a part of a mystery KAL and we’ve been asked not to post pictures of the WIP until after the last clue has been released.

Now, while I suspect that the main request meant “don’t post on Ravelry”, I’m going to be linking my blog posts to Rav, and so don’t want to show too much here. However, I can show you this much:

Mystery Shawl KAL

It’s the yarn and beads I’m using for the shawl. And the pattern is the Susanna IC January mystery shawl KAL.

I also started a scarf for my niece. It’s knit on US10.5 needles, so goes pretty quickly – when I work on it. But since I’ve gotten seduced by the lace alpaca and beads of the mystery shawl, I’m not working on the scarf as much as I could.

Scarf for niece

It’s a green scarf, though, which is her favorite color, so I think she’ll like it whenever I get it finished. And the reason for starting it when I did? She wanted to buy a scarf, but her grandma told her that “if you buy that scarf, your auntie will be sad.” Implying that I will be making her one. Um, thanks Mom. Warning would have been nice.

And then, something I didn’t just start but which is knitting up really nice and quickly (again, when I’m not being seduced by lacy alpaca goodness): the Waterfall socks.

Crazy Waterfall 1-8-12

It’s a fun pattern, and I love the way the yarn keeps surprising me with what the colors are doing. Zauberballs are fun like that. Every time I knit with one, I remember how much I love it and want to knit with more.

FO Friday: Mom’s Mesa Scarf

It’s been a while since I showed off an FO on the blog, hasn’t it? Though it hasn’t been that long since I finished something… the Mesa Scarf I made for my mom has been done for nearly 2 weeks now and I just haven’t blogged it.

Finished Mesa Scarf 1

I am thrilled with the way it turned out. Chroma is quite likely an even better yarn for this project than the Noro Silk Garden Lite was. (This is my second short row scarf, and I used Silk Garden for the first.) Especially since I know my mom, and she’ll be more likely to use a soft scarf than an even kinda scratchy one. And there’s no denying that, lovely though it is, and often though you wash it, Noro is at least a little scratchy.

Finished Mesa Scarf 4

The color repeats of this yarn worked beautifully with the pattern. There was one place where the yarn had been broken and knotted together, which caused an abrupt color jump. Had it been nearer the beginning of the scarf I would have cut the yarn and started over. Or had it been nearer the matching place in the color repeat I would have discarded everything in between. As it was, though, I left it in. It’s definitely noticeable it you look at it, but the overall impression isn’t bad. It flows in almost as a design element.

The length of each section is good for this pattern, too. The end result was short row triangles that don’t overlap much, color-wise. What I mean is, the color tended to change as I was nearly at the end of one triangle, so when I started back in the other direction, I was knitting with a new color. (Look at the pictures. You’ll see what I mean.)

Finished Mesa Scarf 2

I don’t knit multiple copies of many projects, but this one was worth it. Actually, I enjoyed it so much this second time, that I might end up knitting a third. Not soon, mind you. I have too many other things in the works or planned. But this is an addictive knit. It’s fast, it’s fun, and following the color changes makes me want to keep knitting “just a few more rows” to see if I can get to the new color, and how it will look.

But one note: if you decide to knit this scarf, I cannot recommend enough that you use the “alternate” ending, which results in a triangle. (The original ending is not at all symmetrical, and doesn’t look as nice. Not bad, just not as nice.)

Finished Mesa Scarf 3

Here are the specs:

PATTERN: Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf (Ravelry link) (link to the pattern)
DESIGNER: Karen Baumer
YARN: Knit Picks Chroma
NEEDLES: US 7 straights
START TO FINISH: 8/3/11 – 8/20/11
MODS: I used the alternate ending listed at the bottom of the pattern, so that the final section is a triangle the same size as the beginning section.

WiP Whoops

I have found that while we love the yarn and love the project, sometimes the two are not meant to be together. I think every knitter has discovered this at one point or another.

For me, this discovery was most recently highlighted by an attempt to knit another Short Row Scarf using some new Kauni yarn I bought at Stitches West.

Kauni Short Rows

Love the yarn. Love the pattern. But the two together? Not so much. See how my lovely color-change yarn ISN’T CHANGING COLORS in the scarf? Even the places where it did change color is due to me breaking the yarn and starting from the other end of the ball. Not what I had in mind.

Kauni close-up

So, today on my morning break, I did this:

Kauni frogged

Ribbit, ribbit.

Or, for those of you not-yet-initiated into the world of knitting slang*, “rip-it”… because I was ripping out stitches. Sadness. And yet, out of the ashes…

Kauni Entrelac 01

… rises a new scarf. **

This time I’m going to try straight entrelac. I suspect it will work better, since the sections of solid color will be smaller.

I am, however, still going to switch ends of the ball of yarn for every other tier. That way the color-change interest will remain even though the strand of yarn itself has a very LONG color section.

* does this still apply to any of my readers? One has to wonder. After 4? 5? years of blogging my writing and knitting adventures, I suspect most of you know the slang by now.

** I cast on at lunch, and took the photos on my afternoon break. Hence the later-than-usual posting time. I wanted to actually be able to show you the scarf in progress rather than making you use your imagination.


Edit note: Strange… why is that last picture not showing up in my feed reader? Does it show up in yours?

Noro FO

I don’t think this blog post requires many words. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Noro Short Rows 06

This is the completed Noro Short Row Scarf.

Noro Short Rows 07

It’s made from Noro Silk Garden Lite, yarn that I bought with Christmas money.

Noro Short Rows 08

I love the pattern. I intend to make more and to modify it for other purposes.

Noro Short Rows 09

And on top of that, I picked the perfect day to cast off so I could take FO pictures.

Noro Short Rows 10

Pattern: Multidirectional (aka Short Row) Scarf by Karen Baumer
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite
Mods: None
For: me

WIP Weds for 2010

So… I hinted last Friday at a new knitting WIP that I started. I really didn’t need another WIP. I still have 2 birthday presents to finish – one already gifted, the other not.


Noro Short Rows 02

I couldn’t resist. Christmas money from Grandma and Grandpa magically turned into yarn!

Noro Short Rows 03

Noro yarn, regardless of my decision to never touch the stuff again.

Noro Short Rows 04

And the Noro yarn turned into a Short Row Scarf rather quickly.

Noro Short Rows 05

Granted, I am not yet done. But I’m half done, and then a little. And this thing is just flying. I can see why people get so addicted to Noro. But I dunno… I am not sure I will ever be able to bring myself to use it for socks again. (That was a pretty traumatic experience.)

The colors are a little washed out in the last 3 pictures, though that does show my current progress. But it’s night, and so the light is artificial, and… well. You know how that goes.

Specs for the scarf:

Pattern: Karen Baumer’s Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf (my Rav project)
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite
For: me! Christmas money is meant (in my mind) to be spent on oneself.

And the winner is…


She guessed that I would read 75 books this year, and according to the list I kept (which I hope is accurate) I have read 74. Since she came the closest, she wins the prize! Yay!

Chris, you get to pick out any of the books I’ve read this year (which is currently available in paperback) and I will get it to you with a few other goodies.


In addition to announcing that I read a lot of books last year, I am going to be signing up to participate in a “52 Books in 52 Weeks” challenge. I have done this before, but it wasn’t official, it was just me doing one of the things I read best: reading a lot. This time I’m making it official.

As with last time I did this (I think it was 2007? Maybe?) I will be writing reviews of the books I read. Some will be re-reads, and some reviews may be re-posts of reviews I have written previously. I think I will be posting these on Tuesdays, since that’s been my regularly scheduled reading blog post days.


And last (for today) but not least, I’ll leave you with a teaser snippet of a new project I have:

Noro Short Rows 01

Because, of course, what I really needed was ANOTHER knitting WIP… (Details to come later. Probably Wednesday.)

Blog In Review

Something that I’ve done before which Lynn Viehl has reminded me of is a “year-in-review” by blog posts. As in, not a “this is what I’ve done this year” which I’ve seen in several places, but a “this is what I blogged (and liked) month-by-month.”

So why not? I can do that.

January: January had a big knitting WIP explosion (and yes, I did manage to break one of the needles I’m using for Bayerische) and a discussion on favorite fight scenes in movies. (I have finally seen Forbidden Kingdom and can agree that Jet Li and Jackie Chan are awesome together in it. But I stand by the Stardust pirate ship fight as my all-time favorite movie fight scene.) Also, Suzy pretended to be a vampire.

February: Even though February is a short month, it had a cute kitteh and a big list of goals that I think I (mostly) accomplished.

March: Looking back at March reminds me that I want to start another entrelac project. It also reminds me that I have not yet read any of the classic books I said I intended to.

April: April was a month of Nanner Socks and Frog Migrations.

May: My birthday month saw my first ever fair isle (which I must do more of; I love it), finished socks, and chocolate.

June: The introduction of my Central Park Hoodie and a review of Tekgrrl by AJ Menden made the blog in June.

July: July saw a return to spinning and a list of iPhone apps I like. I think, actually, that this was my last Thursday 13.

August: In August, I apologized for being a bad blogger (twice) but did manage to read my ABC’s of Sci-Fi.

September: Not much happened on the blog in September, but I did write a tribute to Mary Travers, and learned the wonders of Malabrigo.

October: Since Halloween was not on a weekday, I didn’t do anything for it on the blog. But, I did have a WIP parade or two, and more Friday Snippets.

November: November saw me doing NaNoWriMo again, and winning for the third year!

December: I finished multiple projects, notably the Peppermint Old Shale Scarf and the Central Park Hoodie.

And don’t forget to swing by after midnight (well after midnight, I suspect) for an official posting of the Reading Contest winner!

Oh yeah… and Happy New Year everyone!